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Integrated e-Training & e-Stage for People with Physical Disabilities to Work at Home as Call Center Representatives

As all kinds of vocational trainings simply aim to give opportunity to trainee to "work and earn money", the aim of this project is also to help our target group to work and earn money for their life sustainability. There exist a large number of inactive people with physical disabilities who are potentially "home based workers" or "e-workers", but they need proper and efficient training for this. One of the most convenient "home based working" field is "call centers".

People who are employed in call centers as call center representatives are not necessarily have to be employed in the organisations’ premises or working offices anymore thanks to fast developing  communication technologies and Internet. As a result of development in communication technologies, call diverting is very easy and inexpensive. Access to company Intranets via Internet is now part of daily life due to high Internet access speeds.

Therefore, home based working in this field is perfectly possible in any part of Europe, if proper training and practice channels are made available to those who will be interested in such a challenging employment opportunity. Another important factor of choosing this field for e-working is the fact that the sector steadily grows around 10% every year all in Europe in spite of recent years' global crises.

In this portal, interested call center representative prospects will find opportunity to receive online training and practicing with their colleagues.

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