Miércoles 20 de Enero de 2021

Clear aim of this project is “to e-train people with physical disabilities for their e-employment as call center representatives, to work from their homes”. Training concept will also include e-Stage possibility for efficient and complete result achievement. After such a programme, individual will be ready to start working, without needing extra steps. So, main objective is “to increase employability of people with disabilities in a profitable scheme for both employee and employer, under current market conditions”.

IT-Call directly aims to e-train individual and prepare them to work at home after successful completion of e-stage phase. Direct aim is to prepare the call center representative prospect who is physically disabled person, to work at home and serve to call center service providers. As call center providers are already seeking such employees, this project's tool will prepare those potential e-workers in such a way that, they will not need any extra step, but can start working after they complete their e-training and e-stage.

IT-Call introduces innovative e-Stage concept which contains anonymous rating mechanism to ensure true output. All these efforts are bringing high efficiency and practical execution of the job.

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