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Project will be implemented in five different work packages:

WP 1 - Management and Coordination of the Project & Project Web Portal Development will run from Dec-12 to Nov-14 and  longing 24 months, Pilot: P0-POINT [TR]

WP 2 – e-Training Course Development & Adaptation to Web Portal in Multilanguage Form will run from May-13 to Feb-14 and longing 10 months, Pilot: P4-ITeE-PIB [PL]

WP 3 - e-Stage Infrastructure Design and Implementation will run from Jul-13 to Jun-14 and longing 12 months, Pilot: P1-BFW [DE] & P2-IFI [ES]

WP 4 - Development of Feedback Model, Pilot Testing of the e-Training Course and e-Stage, Evaluation of Results will run from May-14 to Nov-14 and longing 7 months, Pilot: P3-CEIPES [IT]

WP 5 - Valorisaiton, Creation of a Model for Future Progress from Exploitation and Diffusion Aspects. Modelling of Sustainability of Overall Achievements will run from Dec-12 to Nov-14 and longing 24 months, Pilot: P5-MOJMIR[SK] & P6-TAKIDD [TR]

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