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Main project objective s “to e-train people with physical disabilities for their e-employment as call center representatives, to work from their homes”. Training concept will also include e-stage possibility for efficient and complete result achievement. After such a programme, individual will be ready to start working, without needing extra steps. So, main objective is “to increase employability of people with disabilities in a profitable scheme for both employee and employer, under current market conditions”.

For this purpose, integrated e-Training and e-Stage portal will is being developed to allow future call center representatives to be e-trained and practice by means of calling each other and simulating clients in changing roles. Grading/rating anonymously and repetition of e-learning modules depending on the weaknesses, re-studying while repeating courses and similar features will bring the possibility of satisfactory self evaluation before starting to actual work.

We foresee that, after creating this kind of e-Training and e-Stage opportunity, home based employment possibility for disabled people will not be a dream any more. Thus, this will surely open a new challenging door for people with physical disabilities for them to work from their homes and integrate themselves to labor market.

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