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Nadácia Mojmír has been established in 2002 and is non-profit organisation whose purposes are mainly addressed to actions aimed at fulfillment of humanitarian help of individuals or groups and moreover has a long-term cooperation with 2 centres for disabled people. Moreover Nadácia Mojmír has a long-term cooperation with target group- physical disabled people, because Nadácia Mojmír was included in previous partnership project called IT-Call.

Nadácia Mojmír is a base for educational institution which provides education training activities to 26 consumer cooperatives, which has 2300 subbranches throughout the Slovakia, where are employed 11 470 employees. These 26 consumer cooperatives as a whole unit is the biggest domestic trade chain in Slovakia. This means that these outputs will be brought into the practice and exercised by the target group-physical disabled people. The presence of Nadácia Mojmír in this project and its professional knowledge will be an important contribution.

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